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Liga MX removes relegation, second division league and U20 minutes rule

Enrique Bonilla, the league president, announced a new "stabilization project" instead of the Ascenso MX division.
19 Abr 2020 – 02:44 PM EDT
Enrique Bonilla en conferencia de prensa. Crédito: Osvaldo Aguilar/MEXSPORT

Liga MX president Enrique Bonilla announced promotion and relegation will be abolished for the next five years, while the Ascenso MX division will now be part of a "stabilization project".

Ascenso MX has gone from 17 teams in 2009 to 12 in 2020 due to financial difficulties or clubs being relegated to the Liga Premier (categorically third division, but known as Segunda División in Mexico).

Many of the clubs that won promotion to Ascenso MX couldn't take place in the league because they lacked stadium capacity, financial stability or other conditions imposed to play in that category.

Numerous Ascenso and Liga MX players have criticized the decision and took to social media to join their voices because of the impact on hundreds of soccer careers.

The stabilization project Bonilla announced is rumored to become a development league with U23 players.

Along with the decisions announced by Bonilla and which resulted from a vote from club owners, the U20 minutes rule was also eliminated.

Previously, all clubs had to grant a minimum of field minutes to players younger than 21.

Tigres coach Ricardo Ferretti was the most open opposer to this rule which he assured didn't guarantee a strong development or successful career to young players.

The Ascenso MX tournament was cancelled while Liga MX has five possible calendars to end the Clausura 2020 seasons.

Bonilla assured there will be a Liga MX champion despite the uncertainty of when teams will be able to return to activity.


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