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Guardiola, tras vencer 2-0 al Arsenal: “El deseo de correr es el mismo al de la temporada pasada”

12 Ago 2018 – 09:38 PM EDT

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los 'managers'....guardiola so (after thecommunity shield chelsea, ofcourse we have to improve wedid them quite well, but ingeneral, to be (in) the seasonthat we are, desire (of hissame (as) the last course, thefirst season) away nobody candeny manager after 20environment (that) project,and win the pleased. again,big team, staff and, club.4.02:12 emery, arsenalperformance, performance, (is)process, to (keep) think, theyresult. but we, were think weneed (that) the next match, onsecond half, maybe, more, butis the a) better result."

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